Tore Rasmussen, an experienced political activist and entrepreneur, is leaving the patriotic community in the British Isles to follow personal pursuits in his home country of Norway. In April, Tore offered his extensive organisational experience to Generation Identity UK & Ireland and served as Conference Chairman for our successful European Reunion´conference.

It must also be said that Tore is a positive example of how the Identitarian Movement offers people a credible and serious political alternative to Old Right ideology. After making this mistake, which is common for so many sidelined and ostracised youth, who feel that they have no other alternative in combating globalisation and the dogma of diversity, Tore wiped his hands clean of these youthful misjudgements.

I’ve known Tore for some time, during which he has demonstrated a keen political knowledge and complete integrity. He was, in fact, vital in clarifying the fundamental strategic and ethical failures of Old Right tendencies and advancing the cause of non-violent activism.

As Leader of Generation Identity in the UK, I wish Tore well in his future pursuits in Norway and beyond.

Benjamin Jones

Leader of Generation Identity UK