France: Defend Europe Alps: Mission accomplished.

“France to boost security on Alps border with Italy after Generation symbolically ‘blocks’ migrant route.”

The Defend Europe Alps Mission, which began 21st April, can today declare victory. After symbolically blocking the Col de l’Échelle passage, the convoy has now split up to cover more of the border and locate any migrants trying to enter France illegally. Our continued efforts have shown that it doesn’t take much to patrol this area, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the French Government. As a result of our actions, the French interior ministry has now pledged to send security forces to the French-Italian border to ensure that it is secured against any illegal migrants trying to cross. Our victory is currently being reported by global news outlets; for instance, the Telegraph wrote:

“France’s interior minister has pledged to beef up security on the country’s Alpine borders with Italy after a far-Right “commando” blocked access to migrants seeking to cross a key snowy pass, and pro-migrant groups stormed another entry point.”

It is clear that Defend Europe and Generation Identity have the power to affect government policy; we hope our detractors realise this and understand that we won’t be silenced until we have ensured that France and all of Europe stands against this invasion and decides to defend its borders accordingly.