Free Speech event at Speakers Corner

11 Mar 2018 | Actions | 1 comment

Far Left overslept, failed to stop Free Speech event at Speakers Corner
Today, Generation Identity successfully held a pro-free speech event at Speaker’ Corner in London. This was in spite of the UK Government detaining Martin Sellner, who was supposed to be the speaker at the event. Undeterred, the UK branch of Generation Identity announced that the event would still happen. Activists stepped forward to read sections of the speech, and preparations continued.As stated, the event was a success. With our supply of leaflets, which described the code of conduct expected at the event depleted, we certainly had over 200 attendees at the event. We brandished signs that declared our love of free speech and hatred of anti-free speech group, Antifa. It was great to see so many come out and stand with us in defence of free speech. We of course must thank the Pro Great Britain Facebook Page, who played a pivotal role in helping to organise the event and hosted the livestream of the event.The Far Left group, London Antifascists had planned a counter event aimed at disrupting our event. Unfortunately, it would seem however that the London Antifascists had overslept and arrived towards the end of the speech. They uselessly yelled from behind a police cordon, spouting there usual epithets of hate. There was one instance of violence in which a flare was thrown from a member of Antifa riding a bike past the event. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Two supporters (Not G.I. members) were attacked afterwards

Whilst there was little violence at the event, two supporters were attacked afterwards. Two supporters were on there way to Oxford Circus when they were recognized by a group of Antifa who remembered them from the event. The Antifa began to harass them as the supporters simply tried to walk away. As they turned a corner, one Antifa member used a bike to block the path in front of them, whilst the rest of the group blocked the rear exit.