A brief description

Our Demands

Preserving our ethno-cultural identity

Awareness of our own ethnocultural identity.

We want a long-overdue open debate about the question of our identity in the 21st century. The established range of positions is constricting this question solely to the utopia of a unified one world ideology.

We on the other hand demand a world of plurality, peoples and cultures. Preserving our ethnocultural identity has to be anchored as common consensus and fundamental right in our society.

Defence of What DEFINES US

We need a healthy relationship to patriotism and love of one’s own country as well as real freedom of opinion. For many years the political left has dominated media and culture. Now it is time for an Identitarian counter-voice to enter the stage.

Love of one’s own country is not a crime but something completely normal. We want everyone to be able to profess their own culture and tradition without having to experience marginalisation or discrimination.


Illegal immigration must not become normality. We need a repatriation of everyone who has immigrated illegally in line with humane standards and a demographic turnabout heading towards remigration. The Great Replacement in Europe requires a clear measure of reversion of migration flows. This reversal will serve the preservation of peace, security and stability in all European countries.

Aid on the ground

We wish for a world in which every human loves to live in his or her homeland. Therefore we need prospects and aid on the ground for people who have migrated from their countries in Africa and Asia to Europe. Immigration destroys Europe, Emigration destroys Africa. Thus, let’s support regional development work for those countries that are shaped by war and poverty and let’s create options for people to remain and to develop in their own homeland.

Secure Borders

Our borders must finally be protected again and the government must regain sovereignty over border policy. We need prompt measures from the government to regain security and control over our own state territory. Current migration flows require prompt actions in order to secure peace and stability in our own country.


Contribute to us to get something moving! Every day young people are engaging themselves for their home land, educating themselves and investing their strength and talents into professional & political campaigning. You can support these activists with a financial donation.