Over recent weeks, Facebook has systematically removed Generation Identity’s presence from the platform. This has included content from the likes of France, Germany, Austria and the UK. In effect, the Movement has been barred from using the medium permanently. Whilst no formal reasoning for this mass act of censorship has been given, the ‘i’ newspaper stated that the Movement had ‘violated’ Facebook’s policies against ‘extremist content.’

The first fact that must be pointed out, is that there existed dozens of GI accounts for a variety of branches from across Europe. Some of these represented national branches, some regional and some for individual towns and cities. How so many accounts, many of which differed greatly in terms of content, can simultaneously violate the social media giant’s Ts & Cs remains a mystery. Were Facebook’s team unaware of our presence up until now?

In the UK, all of our content was carefully written and pre-planned specifically in order to ensure it abided by Facebook’s own, stated guidelines; as made available via the website itself. None of our material ever advocated anything remotely ‘extreme’, but instead sought to raise awareness of what millions of Britons already feel; that mass-immigration and the multicultural experiment have been unmitigated disasters.

Here, then, are a number of observations for all lovers of freedom of expression to consider…

  1. As all GI accounts were closed down over a short period of time, it’s clear that the ban was not a product of content violating Facebook’s policies. It’s instead a deliberate attack on the values and ideas of Generation Identity. Given that Mark Zuckerberg recently assured Nigel Farage of there being no bias against ‘conservative’ thought, this is telling.
  2. Facebook’s policies are deliberately left open and vague, as to ensure that the platform is always in a position to determine what political perspectives are appropriate and what aren’t. It’s time for a debate on how social media giants regulate political opinion.
  3. There are a plethora of pages utilised by Islamists and far-left groups (such as Antifa, which regularly call for, and praise, violence). No action has ever been taken against these tendencies.
  4. Given the attention GI has received over recent months, following the Defend Europe mission in the Alps and our launch in the UK, it is very likely that this act of censure is politically motivated.
  5. The individual, personal accounts of many of our activists have been given bans for simply sharing content from GI pages, including a basic logo bearing the name ‘Generation Identity.’

This is clearly a cynical attempt to nip the Identitarian Movement in bud, at a stage when we’re entering the political mainstream. Unfortunately for our opponents, they underestimate our resolve and resourcefulness. In the UK, our website has experienced a surge in traffic since the ban. In time, we will simply become increasingly self-sufficient and therefore stronger.

Just as the government doesn’t have the right to determine our values, nor do social media platforms. For now, we’re on Twitter, Gab and other sites. Perhaps the persecution will continue.

Regardless, we’ll just keep on growing.

Benjamin Jones, Co-Leader of Generation Identity in the UK