Our Response to ‘Generation Hate’

Ever since its inception, Generation Identity has faced fierce hostility from the established press. Continually and deliberately mischaracterising our words and our actions, it has worked tirelessly to undermine our efforts in bringing about a safe and secure Europe....

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Update – The UN Migration Pact

Update - The UN Migration Pact In the last GISG Newsletter, we examined the UN Migration Pact which is due to be finally signed at a UN summit in Marrakesh, Morocco on 11 December 2018. The Pact has now been re-badged as the Global Compact for Migration...

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Chemnitz: an attack on truth itself!

(The following article is an abridged translation of an article written by Martin Lichtmesz for the German-language magazine Sezession entitled “Chemnitz: Angriff auf unsere Wahrheitssystems”.) The mobilisation of the right-wing spectrum in Chemnitz and on...

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Generation Identity book review of The Strange Death of Europe

The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray (Bloomsbury, 343pp, £18.99) First published last year, Douglas Murray's elegant, coolly penetrating and devastatingly accurate portrayal of a continent committing suicide, The Strange Death of...

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Understanding our Activism

At the heart of Generation Identity is the concept of metapolitics. It is our raison d’être, it is at the basis of everything we do and it is indispensable to our struggle.

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Generation Identity Summer University

Activists from Generation Identity UK & Ireland have joined 200 other young activists and attended their first Summer University in France. The Summer University has generated extensive media interest in the United Kingdom, with the Independent describing it as a...

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Thanks and Best Wishes to Tore Rasmussen

Tore Rasmussen, an experienced political activist and entrepreneur, is leaving the patriotic community in the British Isles to follow personal pursuits in his home country of Norway. In April, Tore offered his extensive organisational experience to Generation Identity...

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Block the release of dangerous terrorists from U.K. prisons

Hardly a week goes by without another Islamic terror trial. In the last few weeks, we have seen three, including the first all-women Islamist terror gang, and the returned jihadi who had been attacking British troops in Afghanistan. But it seems that as quickly as the...

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