Protesting Toxic Ideologies on University Campuses

On Sunday, Generation Identity activists led a protest against the University of Manchester. Following recent postering around the campus, the Students’ Union ‘Diversity Officer’, Riddi Visu, stated that it was ‘disheartening’ that the posters were...

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Stop the UN Migration Pact, Dublin

Saturday, 8 December, Glúin Aitheantas set out on a flyer action to notify the Irish People as to the true agenda of the UN Migration Pact.  In order to maintain peoples interest to inform them of the dangers of the Migration Pact, we used Irish slang with...

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Remembrance Sunday, Cambridge Students Outrage

Remembrance Sunday, Cambridge, 11 November 2018 The 11th November is always a solemn day, but this year, on the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, Remembrance Day took on a special meaning. The nations of the United Kingdom prepared to remember...

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Burkas and Letterboxes

The Burqa is a symbol of division and alienation, as well as oppression for the women who don this extreme, restrictive garment. It tells us that Islam cannot and will not conform with our society or culture. In response, activists from Generation Identity...

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Generation Identity – Halal Ban

Generation Identity is taking action to ensure halal meat is banned from our supermarkets; we are an animal-loving nation, yet we still haven't followed the examples of Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands by banning the practice of halal slaughter. This is because our...

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Making our presence felt at the Free Tommy march

Thousands of patriots and free speech protesters assembled at Whitehall yesterday to defy the political imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, who has now been in prison for almost two months. We in Generation Identity made our presence known by deploying two banners, one...

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Generation Identity Ireland & Northern Ireland went to the Dáil & The Molly Malone statue in Dublin to educate the public of the true intentions of our Irish political parties. We are all aware of the double speak of politicians here in Ireland. But it matters little...

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France: Defend Europe Alps: Mission Accomplished.

France: Defend Europe Alps: Mission accomplished. "France to boost security on Alps border with Italy after Generation symbolically 'blocks' migrant route." The Defend Europe Alps Mission, which began 21st April, can today declare victory. After symbolically blocking...

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